Sunday, July 24, 2016

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2016....

My 5 girlfriends (two had never been to MC) and I arrived at the Mackenzie-Childs Barn Sale at 7:30 on Sunday morning - we were shopping within an hour and never left til after 11!  We filled the back of 2 SUVs with our treasures!

After the sale we went into the Farm House for a tour....

...and pretended to "dine in the formal dining room" on the diorama table....

...Janine and I couldn't pass up a photo op...

...nor could I pass up a photo with my favorite NYC MC salesman who comes up to Aurora for the weekend to work the Barn Sale:

We even "pretended" to drive the MC Taxi:

After the sale we had lunch at the Blue Water Grill on Skaneateles Lake and shopped the boutiques....and we were certainly getting tired by 3:00!

So, what did I buy?  Here are a few of my favorite items....and some gifts I can't show you!

It's always a fun event! And this year was lots of fun bringing 2 "newbies" with us!!


  1. You even have checked earrings! What a fun event!

  2. Patti, these are great photos. Love getting to see this experience though your photos. You look terrific! Looks like some fun buys. I have two of those woven boxes. They are very useful. Originally "the chef" used them in the kitchen to store spices, but they are holding flatware now. How will you use yours?

  3. Patti, Dar and I had such a blast with you guys!!!! What a wonderful day!!! I Can't wait for next year, I already have a list started!

  4. Patti, your trip looked full of fun! It pays to go with a seasoned shopper! Love all your finds (of course, I blew the picture up to see all the detail), esp the cosmetic zip bag. Thanks for taking us along virtually!

  5. Patti, It looks like this is a tremendously fun event! I didn't realize there would be other activities involved! You got some fabulous things. I must go!! Linda

  6. Oh Patti - what fun! Can I join in next time? LOL


  7. Someday I will be your newby! I sooo appreciate you sharing all these good times at MC...and to think on fb I really thought you were dining at that table! What a dream that would be!

  8. Oh Patti, I feel like I went to the barn sale too! You girls look great having all that fun. What treasures you found. Thanks for sharing…...


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