Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Alaskan cruise....

We recently returned from an Alaskan cruise - The weather was perfect....the snow capped mountains were lovely....the scenery was beautiful....and the glaciers were amazing!  This was my second trip to Alaska and the one thing I really noticed this time is how many shades of the color green there are!!

Here is a quick snapshot of our week:


Elliot Glacier:

Mendenhall Glacier:


The Creek Walk:


White Pass Railway to the Yukon:

The Norwegian Jewel:

Another adventurous vacation!!


  1. Patti, it looks so perfect, it appears you guys are photoshopped into those glacier pictures! Ketchikan looks quaint. I really hope you make this trip someday soon, much like your itinerary. Thanks for sharing.

    1. no photoshop...the flash makes that happen when it's really bright behind! But I does look that!

  2. What a wonderful trip/adventure you had! The idea of of Alaska and snow-capped mountains and glaciers sounds heavenly. I will daydream of this all day as I do my errands in high humidity and and soaring temps. Great pics Patti……...

  3. All the pictures look wonderful and so scenic. My oldest sister lived in Fairbanks for 4 years and I never took the trip to see this beauty. Could kick myself now!

  4. Patti, I have never been to Alaska, but your photos do make it look so appealing! I hope you share more about the cruise! Linda

  5. My co-worker moved to Alaska a year ago and the scenery is just so beautiful. What a wonderful cruise and great photos of you and John with the mountains and glaciers.


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Thanks for stopping by!