Thursday, January 7, 2016

MacKenzie-Childs Buttercup Pattern...

Years ago I began collecting the MacKenzie-Childs Buttercup Pattern:

The pattern was paired with the Bathing Hut pink stripes: 

The kitchen in our prior home had some yellow and gold in it and I have always been drawn polka dots. 

Apparently, as the story goes, Victoria first designed this pattern using her fingers to paint the dots!  
One of the bedrooms in the Aurora farmhouse is painted in this pattern...

...and a butler's pantry door downstairs...

After the holidays I pull out my Buttercup pieces and store away my many of my checked pieces.

And was I ever excited this year when M-C brought back the pattern in their floor mats, however they changed the name of the pattern to "Posie Dot".

These pieces are just a cheery way to brighten up the kitchen during our gloomy NY winters!

There is nothing like yellow to brighten up a room!

Can you tell I am already anxious for spring?

What do you collect?


  1. Patti, I've always liked this happy pattern. I have a sugar bowl in the yellow Honeymoon like your fruit bowl. Wish I had added more through the years.
    Hang in there. Winter is just getting started. '-)

  2. I think we are never satisfied with the seasons we are in always wish for the next one.
    But I do like to change up my dishes and accessories. I love your new pattern and the colors. The rugs are great too.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I regret not buying any of the bathing hut when it came out because I love pink so much! I love the posy dot pattern. It's so cheerful! How can you not smile when you see it? You can't! I had no idea that Victoria made the patterned dots with her fingers. Don't you love the pantry door! So neat!


  4. What a pretty collection! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday! Pinned!

  5. Do you know what year Mackenzie childs made this pattern. I currently have a lot of 28 pieces of buttercup auctioning on ebay. My seller name is drygoodies!

  6. Happy Holidays Patti, I just saw your harlequin della robbie plates on your blog would you mind sharing where you got them.
    Thanks, Kathie


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