Saturday, November 7, 2015

Do you know how to leave a comment on my blog?

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  1. Patti, good post! I, too, appreciate when readers leave a comment. Then I know who has visited. I like to connect with a visit to their blog and an email if they have a reply address. I just checked my stats on my current post. It's had over 800 visits, but only 46 comments. I guess most feel it is too time consuming to leave a comment, even though on my blog it is a simple, straightforward process. Some blogs I comment on, I have to fill out name, email, and blog address. I also find it curious that some blogs I visit regularly and comment on either never visit my blog or simply don't leave a comment. I like to connect to readers when possible as I know you do. How else would we have become friends? ;-)

  2. I love it when people leave me comments. I try to leave a comment to everyone when I visit their blog. The ones I have a hard time leaving comments for are those that use Google Plus- I am not going to jump through all the hoops necessary to leave a comment PLUS it resets my own settings sometimes.

    I think it is common courtesy to leave comments for people. I always try to thank people that leave em a comment, too.

    Great post, Patti! xo Diana

  3. I love comments on my blog - seems like lately I've been getting a lot of spam comments, which I delete. Oh, well! I read your blog posts at least once a week and subscribe by email, too. Maybe that's how most of your readers see your posts, then just don't always reply? Today at work I'm going to catch up on my blog reading!

  4. o me, blogging is not just about publishing content, but also the two-way communication behind it. Like Sarah said, we wouldn't have become friends if we hadn't left a comment and interacted with you.

    On my blog, I receive as many emails as I do comments. I have a fairly large group of readers that don't have blogs and prefer to email me.

    1. The first word in my first sentence should be "To".


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