Monday, August 17, 2015

There's nothing as exciting as a surprise package in the mail….

I received a package the other day from my dear blogging friend, Sarah, at Hyacinths for the Soul.

The shape of the package helped to build the suspense...

…and then I saw the Anthropologie sticker and the excitement hit a crescendo!

SCOTCH?  She sent me scotch?  No, of course not….

She sent the cutest dessert server...

…in black and white...

…just look how adorable this looks on my mini pedestal platter:

What a delightful surprise!

Thanks again, Sarah!

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  1. What a sweet surprise from dear Sarah. I was in Anthropologie yesterday eyeing some other Molly Hatch items. The gift from Sarah looks great with your black and white pieces.

  2. Happy this surprise made you smile, Patti. I adore Molly Hatch's work because the whimsy goes perfectly with our McK-C pieces. Now we all need to make a cake! '-)


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Thanks for stopping by!