Friday, July 17, 2015

NYC tour

Last weekend we had a great tour of NYC - here are a few pics:

Empire State Bldg:

The Twin Sisters at Macy's:

The Faltiron Bldg:

Met Life Clock Tower,  purchased by Tommy Hilfiger for 170 million:

In front of the arch is the fountain where FRIENDS played at the beginning of their sitcom each week:

Commissioned art work = $1,000,000
(I think I could have done better)

The Freedom Tower:

What Police do to the people selling knock-offs in NYC:

Oldest bldg in NYC:

Bobby Zarin's Fabric Store
(Jill's hubby from NY Housewives Show):

A summer cottage, built on top of a bldg:

Central Park:

If you get the chance, the GreyLines Hop On, Hop Off was worth it!

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  1. We'll be doing the Greyline in August. Hope it's not as steamy as today 😄

  2. Patti, it's fun to take this tour with you. I didn't think the knockoff stands were still around. I remember in early 2000, they would follow you down the street hawking their goods. It was annoying to say the least.
    Glad you and your mom enjoyed the city!

  3. how fun...i'd love to go there.
    did you go to the MC Barn sale..


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Thanks for stopping by!