Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Shabby Chest…..

I recently bought this chest from a friend.  I think it was once a music box of some type.  There are 3 doors on the front, the top door drops down and the bottom two open traditionally.  The top of the chest opens upright.     He used it for a "bar"and it is a perfect piece for just that.  It would also be great storage in a bedroom or bathroom for linens.

But it needed an update!

I painted it in white chalk paint and glazed it in a clear glaze mixed with black paint.  It was distressed before glazing.

I also updated the knobs:

I "washed" the inside with black paint:

It is a sturdy piece of furniture that has been brought back to life with a little love, elbow grease and paint!

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  1. Beautiful chest and I really like the new paint job.

  2. Another good looking makeover, Patti.


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Thanks for stopping by!