Sunday, May 17, 2015

A few days spent on Cape Cod….

My best friend lives on Cape Cod.  When I visit, this is my morning view:

Snake Pond is so calm and serene in the morning….

…the water is so clear:

This is the view from the opposite side of the pond - you can barely see the home on the other side:

 This is the view from her beach shore:

Not far from her home is the ocean….

…it was low tide and I went searching for shells, but only found barnacles:

It was a grey day, but warm…and soon the beaches will be filled with sun worshippers, children with sand pails, and many beach chairs and umbrellas!

The bayside of the canal opening is between the 2 jetties in the distance:

I strolled around the towns of Sandwich and Mashpee, visiting my favorite shops (The Spotted Cod, Deisel and Lulu, Casa Bella and The Lily Pad)

I had one lunch one of my favorite spots: Beth's Tea Shop - where you will find the best quiche and salad on the Cape!!

I also walked thru a cranberry bog….

…to the Green Briar Nature Center….

…where there was a small Herb Festival.

The potted succulents were lovely….

…especially this one in an old cement bird bath:

The nature center is on a small pond...

…and there was an array of herbs and plants for sale:

…But this is where I really spent some time:

It was a great 4 day getaway in one of my favorite places on earth!

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  1. Hi Patti, when I saw your snippit on my list of blogs I follow and yes, yours is one! I saw Cape Cod, what a place to relax and visit, lucky you! I saw you visited Sandwich! Our Family Homestead is there. The Nye Family Homestead and Museum! It's open to the public, if you like history, go check it out! OH my, this is so not a commercial, I just saw you were at Cape Cod! Enjoy your days there!


  2. You are a lucky girl, Patti. What a perfect place to spend a few days. It is just gorgeous there. I am so glad you enjoyed it and I hope you got lots of relaxing in- ox Diana

  3. I've been enjoying your photos on Facebook. =)


  4. Hi Patti, One of these days we are going to cross paths! (look for me carrying Miss Rosie!) We'll be on the Cape soon and your gorgeous pics and narrative are making me even more excited! Linda


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Thanks for stopping by!