Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter - Floating in Mid Air...

My table is set quite simply in a light woodsy theme.

Three girlfriends are coming for a quick lunch of Baked Onion Soup and Caesar Salad….

I am using my MacKenzie-Childs Camp Bowls to bake the soup and my winter dishes from Syracuse China for the salad:

The paper tags on the base of the stemmed glasses will also be used as name tags,  The glasses are sitting on glass star coasters.

A simple tall thin tree is sitting in the center of the table ...

…with candlesticks on each side:

The dishes appear to be floating in mid air on the glass table top:

A quick lunch for 3 friends who only have an hour break!

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  1. That's such a pretty tablescape. I love the checks! :)

  2. I am always anxious to see what MC touches I will find when I open your posts! I love the simplicity of your outdoorsy table, Patti.

  3. Love your MacKenzie-Child pieces! Your table looks fabulous, especially with those gorgeous green touches. I am sure that your lunch was a great success!

  4. Syracuse China has some awesome patterns! Love your table setting!

  5. Oh my Patti! I saw that courtly check and IMMEDIATELY jumped over to your blog! I love, love, love McKC so much and this is just fabulous! Your friends certainly must've felt pretty special with your hosting their lunch on this tablescape. Visiting from Let's Dish. :)
    Rita C at Panoply

  6. Love the checks and your woodsy table! The touches of green are great!

  7. Beautiful setting! I love the black and white check!
    House of Highlands

  8. Love the glass table and the beautiful tablescape! The black and white checkered theme is wonderful!

  9. That looks so pretty! Very calming on these hectic days! Thanks for linking, and Merry Christmas!

  10. What a great way to entertain your friends, Patti! When they're on the go with only an hour for lunch, it's a lot nicer to enjoy a quick meal that is both filling and delicious at the home of a friend rather than to find themselves in a fast food restaurant! SO much nicer!!!!!

    I like those paper tags on the glasses. Did you create those yourself or buy/order them from somewhere. They seem to do a great double duty of name tag AND dressing up the stem!

    I've not had baked onion soup in at least 2 years. It is so good and pretty easy to make, so I wonder what's been the holdup there?!??!! Thanks for putting that bug in my ear...or I guess that would be in my eye! :-)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear Patti!!! Take care of yourself!!!

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