Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The pond….

My husband likes to think we have "waterfront property".

  The pond is across the street beside our home.  The owners keep the cattails cut down so that my husband can see the water all summer from our morning room.  I think once or twice he has even referred to it as "our pond"!

This is taken from the opposite angle, our home is in the back center of this photo.

Our home was built on old farmland and there are a few ponds in this very small neighborhood.  This one was stocked with a few goldfish about 4 years ago and now there are a "million" living there.  The lone heron that returns every spring feeds on them, and unfortunately there are some snakes that scare the "bejeebers" out of me.  I can tolerate the few turtles we find, but the bullfrogs are so loud that I hear them all night long!!  We often have deer running through our back yards and can sometimes hear the coyotes in the distance!

The price you pay for "waterfront" property!!

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  1. You had me with that beautiful view until you mentioned snakes!

  2. Love it! Definitely beats our fish pond. =)


  3. Beauty waterfront, without the work of maintaining it! LOL Gorgeous sunset.


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Thanks for stopping by!