Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"The Places We've Been" Lunch

I set the table for 3 of my friends - a simple lunch of "chicken, walnut and grape salad" sandwiches.

I thought it would be fun to share some stories about the trips we have taken and the special places we have traveled to, so I used my old globe from the 60's as a centerpiece:

I placed my MacKenzie-Childs luncheon plates on zebra chargers:

My 50 year old globe reminded us of how many countries have changed over the years:

And I realized I have been on 4 continents...

...and to many of the Caribbean islands...

…and places I never dreamed of traveling...

…and places I was so fortunate to go to...

…and places I might return to...

…and that there are many more places to see...

Did you ever play the game where you "spin the globe, close your eyes, and use your pointer finger to stop the globe", while saying "when I grow up I want to live here"??

We all played it, but instead said "My next trip will take me here".

I landed on Italy!  Ironically, I will be there in November!

Where is for favorite place to travel?

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  1. Love everything about this. Such an attractive table. Ship me one of the "sammies" please. 😉

  2. Lovely table...that globe is a wonderful centerpiece.


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Thanks for stopping by!