Monday, September 8, 2014

Mackenzie-Childs, Aurora, NY - September 2014

Saturday I went to the MacKenzie-Childs store in Aurora, NY

As you drive onto the property, you immediately see the Farmhouse.  The working plant/studio is to the left of this house and the famous barn sale is held to the right.

This is the entryway to the small garden outside the store:

This garden has lots of their outdoor furniture and Courtly Checked umbrellas:

Many of the flowers are realizing that the colder weather is on its way and they have gone to sleep!

But there were still a few to enjoy…

...and beside this one lonely rose….

…was this spider with his Courtly Checked legs!!

The entrance of the store was filled with Poppies:

I thought the new Evergreen enamelware would be on display, but not til next week!  The salesgirl brought out a few piece to show me:

The large platter would be perfect for your holiday desserts:

You can peek out of the many windows and doors in the shop and see the beautiful grounds, ponds and animals:

There is a room, where you can sit on benches and watch a video about M-C, and how their table wear goes from clay to the finished product.  This display demonstrates the 5 steps:

One thing I love about this shop is the bathroom:

The colors are so pretty and cheery, and all the M-C patterns are displayed on the floor:

 The door frame and moldings are all in tile:

Even the trash can is decorated, painted in Parchment:

Stop by later this week to see some of the table settings from the Farmhouse and Shop!

Do you have a favorite M-C piece?

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  1. I love it all and wish I could afford a few pieces. Your projects are always so beautiful and look just as good or better than MC's.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. I would probably be overwhelmed going there, Patti. The bathroom is so pretty; they seem to really carry their theme throughout so I'm not surprised. Love that they included the garbage can in it all.


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Thanks for stopping by!



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