Sunday, July 20, 2014

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2014

As a fan of MacKenzie-Childs home goods, this is an event "not to be missed":

My favorite day to attend is the last day, Sunday, because there is an additional discount off the sale prices on select items, and the tents aren't as hectic!  Janine and I headed out early….

Shopping the Barn Sale is a challenge.  There are numerous tents, one holds rugs, furniture, and the majolica pieces. The outdoor furniture was in another, the barn has enamel pieces, smaller tents have napkins, trays, frames….and it can get really hot and humid inside!  They hand out large paper bags to hold your treasures and they have some grocery carts available.  Some people bring wagons, and navigating around can be tricky.  I bring a small tote bag on wheels, but once it is filled, I use the large paper bag.  It can be overwhelming!  Generally the shoppers are polite, patient and excited!  

Once the gate opened and we entered, the hunt was on to find items on my wish list and also to pick up a few treasures for Deb at Mountain Breaths.

My wish list included the square picadilly baking dish and the butter house … and I couldn't resist a small and large checked bowl.  I also picked up a bunch of assorted glass painted globes to set aside for gifts:

I also scored a rug:

Four years ago I painted some white and black checked knobs for our entertainment center and they are getting a bit worn, so I luckily found 2 large knobs to replace them, as well as a 4 more to use on a few pieces of furniture I am refinishing:

About 10 miles south of Aurora, not too far from Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs' old home, is a small town, Genoa.  Victoria and Richard also had a sale today, in an old school.  Classrooms and hallways displayed their wares, including some original M-C pieces.  I have met them a few times and am always amazed that she recognizes me!

I bought a candy dish for my Mother and a few clay post for my herbs:

We ended the day with a photo of the 4 of us!

My M-C collection is certainly not complete however I think I have plenty for now.  I use my dishes quite often….

…as well as my canisters...

…and I love my clock...

….but my favorite piece is my table:

And to think, my collection began with this:

It's fun to have a collection - what do you collect??

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  1. Patti, I wanted to go, but we've been at my nephew's wedding in New Orleans!!! *sadface* My daughter and i went two years ago. I hope I can go next year!

    I like seeing your scores. What was Victoria and Richard's sale like? Did you see anything fantastic?

    Thanks for sharing. The Barn Sales are so much fun!


  2. I figured you were Debbie's Personal Shopper, lol! Did you grant all her wishes? :)
    I collect dust, as when summer arrives I am out working in the gardens and tend to forget my dusting chores!
    Enjoy your treasures!

  3. Patti, I was thrilled to see this post to enjoy with my morning coffee! Great that you got to see Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs again, and that she remembers you. Like you, my table is my favorite piece and I love dragging it into the backyard for a garden party. I'm thankful you were my personal shopper so I didn't have to come home early from vacation ;o) It's always a fun event, and I like going just to look around. Yeah right!!

  4. Patti, great finds, especially the rug. I've long admired that one! How exciting to see Richard and Victoria McK-C. Do they still live in the area? I have the same style of candy dish from them. '-)
    Wish I had a table like yours and Debbie's. Fabulous!
    One of these days I'm going to attend the sale. It's on my list!!!

    1. Sarah, you know that Patti and I would love to meet you at the Barn Sale!

  5. And what a beautiful collection it is, Patti! You got some great things at this year's sale to add to it.

  6. Well, I'm not envious.... not one bit!!! Much! Your treasures look divine and I know you had a fun time at the sale. And the icing on the cake was running into the famous couple, and her remembering you..... how great was that? I'm ready to dig out my gorgeous pumpkin that you painted, and pair it up with some other painted ones.... I love the ones in the Gradinroad catalog, do you get that? They are kinda pricey. Hugs from Vicki in Louisville KY


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