Friday, December 13, 2013

The Homeless...

Every Christmas season I toss money into the Salvation Army pail at the entrance of local stores, I pick a name at church to buy a few Christmas presents for a young girl who might have not received a gift, and I donate to the Veterans in memory of my father.  This year the homeless really caught my attention

I work a few days a week at our local mall, Destiny USA, which is the 6th largest mall in the US.  Outside the back entry, there is a small homeless group of people who gather behind the bushes, taking turns at the intersection asking for money from those who stop at the red light.

I purchased a few gift cards from local businesses
 near the intersection so I could pass them out, rather than give them money - feeling assured that they could have a cup of hot coffee and a fast food meal.  I tucked each one into a hat, scarf or gloves I purchased at the dollar store.

Each time I pass the corner I will hand out one of these little gifts to whoever is on the corner.

Have you considered the needy this holiday season?

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  1. Oh, Patty, this is such a wonderful idea. Giving a food gift card is just perfect. There doesn't seem to be so many homeless here in our town but there's a few. I do see lots of young people, on the street, begging for money. I am going to buy a few cards and hand them out when I see these down-on-their-luck people.
    My son in law has a saying..."I'd rather give to them and them not need it than to NOT give and the did need it."
    I'm going to have my readers come and read this...such a wonderful gift you've given to me.

  2. Patty, gift cards are a good idea, especially tucked into a warm cap or snuggly gloves. You are a very thoughtful person. Thanks for the idea. I'm going to do the same.
    Stay warm and enjoy the holidays. ~ Sarah

  3. That is wonderful, Patti. We always adopt a family that would not have a Christmas otherwise. Hope you have a great night- You are such a blessing to others- xo Diana

  4. What a wonderful idea, Patti...I am sure the ones lucky enough to be a recipient of your gift will be so thankful.

  5. What a fabulous idea! We have homeless and needy too, just not out in the open like you do to the size of our town. We give through out church programs and hospital. We need to share our blessings.

  6. What a great idea. We give also but your way is so much better. Thanks for sharing. I hope the weather where you are does not prevent your family from coming. Thanks for sharing. Vicki in Louisville KY

  7. That is very generous and thoughtful of you, Patti. I am sure your gifts will be much appreciated. Every year I try to do something to help others and this year I chose two children's names from an Angel Tree in my dentist's office. I have to admit children in need tug at my heartstrings. The one was for a little boy my granddaughter's age and they asked for pants. That killed me, so he got two pairs of pants, a shirt, socks and a little car. Because you can't just give clothes to kids at Christmas.

  8. We have a giving tree at work I chose a 15 year old as most people where taking the children. We are in a very rural area but I do like your idea and will pass it on.


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