Friday, August 2, 2013

I am all over the place lately!

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I have been busy lately - trying to perfect "TableMats".  These "TableMats" are hand painted and decorate a table top very simply by themselves:

And I have been thinking about Autumn and making tassels for the gift shop:

And finally, I was commissioned to paint this breadbox for a customer at the shop:

So, I have been busy!  Too many ideas - not enough time!

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  1. Every item is just darling. I LOVE that breadbox-xo Diana

  2. You are a busy lady, but a clever one. Will these table tops also be in the shop? Eager to see more of your tassels.
    I'm now following my email. I added email subscriptions to my sidebar too since my blog isn't recognized by Bloglovin.
    ~ Sarah

  3. boy yoursure perfecting the mc stuff!:)

  4. These are all cute, but I especially love the breadbox!

  5. Fantastic creations. I love the pumpkin tassel!!! So adorable. I want one!



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Thanks for stopping by!