Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's so good about winter?

Today, as I was packing for my Caribbean cruise, I was trying to think of one reason why I like winter in Central NY - This was a time consuming activity and the only thing I could come up with was the food, "winter food", such as beef stew:

and pulled pork:

and chili:

To me, these are winter foods.  And other than a dusting of snow on a sunny morning, I can't come up with anything else I like about our winters!
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  1. We sure do love the other seasons though! You won't be eating stew much longer :-)

  2. I love cozy, comfort foods! It's so funny, when I lived in Ohio and Michigan, I would agree with you. However, down here in Texas, I love winter so much more than our brutal summers.

  3. Well, OK...when you put it THAT way, I guess I CAN find something good about winter!!! This has been a really hard one here in the Kansas City area this year, though. Harder than the last 2 or 3, that's for sure. I know you guys up there in the East and NE have had your world rocked this winter, too. Good thing you were able to dig deep and find the silver lining!


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Thanks for stopping by!