Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some More NYC...

I decided that if I ever move to NYC, I would love to live here, in SoHo, in this adorable building:
One of the biggest disappointments of the day was waiting in line for almost 10 minutes to go into DASH. There was a door man, 2 bodyguards inside and 2 cashiers. They only allow 18 people inside at once. The least expensive item is a bottle of water with a photo of the Kardashian girls, which cost a mere $10.00. T-shirts are $60.00. And they don't even sell their own designs, but rather other labeled clothing - GO FIGURE!
Once again, the San Genaro Festival was going on in Little Italy and we took a few minutes to have a beer in Cha-Chas:
This bride was lucky enough to have her celebration at the PLAZA:
And finally a cool photo of the Empire State Building:
This "once or twice a year" trip is so much fun and I look forward to visiting again !


  1. Patti,nIsn't NYC amazing? We are going in a couple of weeks, can't wait to feel the vibe of the city again and take some more pictures. Thanks for showing your pictures.

  2. We're not going to NYC again until December, and I am getting my "fix" from your recent trip!! I've never heard of Dash...I must be living under a rock.

    P.S. Tiffany's has the best jewelry cleaner.


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