Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fashion Designer Mary McFadden

Something you may not know about me is that I love fashion - I always have. I remember designing clothes in high school so that my wardrobe would be unique. I have a degree in fashion design and textiles and I taught fashion design for years. I don't do much of it anymore, but rather have transferred my skills to crafting and decorating.
I tell you this because today I played hookie and went to Syracuse University to hear fashion designer Mary McFadden give a lecture to SU art and design students about her recent exhibit entitled Goddesses, which was inspired by ancient cultures and civilizations, as well as promote her book "High Priestess of Fashion".

If you have ever heard fashion designers speak, they are often enthusiastic and exciting people. Well, not Mary. Her presentation almost put me to sleep. College students were yawning, texting and checking email on their Blackberries, and some even snuck out the back door. She read directly from her notes, her powerpoint photos were often blurry and she never smiled once - not even when she described herself as a "party girl" or told us that she has had 11 husbands. I imagine she bored each one to death.So what did I learn? Mary was inspired by shapes, colors and images she has seen in her extensive wordly travels, she no longer designs, she is writing another book, wears only her own designs - and she looks darn good for a women in her 70's!!


  1. You've been holding out on us...a fashion designer!! I think you should audition for Project Runway. Even though Mary's lecture wasn't very enthusiastic I hope you had a fun day playing hookie!

  2. I am enjoying your blog and your wit, Patti! LOVE the post about hanging your new clock. And I especially enjoyed the post about suggestions and tone; sometimes I worry about how I may come across when I make contact with someone. I usually re-read and proofread my comments to be sure I "sound" okay.

  3. Patti, you could have taken over the presentation and charmed the crowd with your sense of humor. :) Love the "bored them to death."

  4. Hi Patti...thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post. I felt the need to say something to those who's buttons I just didn't get up. Ones I follow closely. I already have most of their names on the side bar..still..they do go to the trouble to design them..etc.

    Anyway...Just a look at your blog background and you can see you have style! Two of my favorite colors..no, actually three. Red always catches the eye..just charming!

    Sounded like Mary may have needed some instruction in public speaking. OR..she really didn't want to be where she was.
    I wonder why she felt it necessary to mention her 11 husbands? Odd.

    What a neat thing, to be a fashion designer. When I read that you designed your own clothes in highschool..I was amazed! Now that takes self confidence...and as you can see ..I sometimes am lacking in that particular area.
    Again, thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed the story of the fashion speaker.

  5. It's unfortunate that it was not more exciting...

    but 11 husbands. WOW. That's crazy. I would like to hear more about THAT.



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