Monday, July 13, 2015

Mackenzie-Childs Inspired - or as I like to call them: "Pandora Checks"

I love black and white - checks, stripes, polka dots. 

The Nascar flags always catch my eye, as well as Courtly Checks, Kate Spade's stripes, Fossil's polka dots and even an old fashion checkerboard floor or game board.  I am inspired by all of them.  I am always thinking of ways items can be updated, reused and reinvented.  Here are some of my latest projects"

I bought this cup at the Dollar Tree:

It comes apart easily:

I inserted a strip of Mackenzie-Childs wrapping paper:

And here's a quick checked travel cup:

Not quite as colorful as the MacKenzie-Childs cup, but mine was $24 cheaper!

Another item I updated with a little flair is this old Teen Vogue tote bag.  It's great for toting flowers and vegetable at the market because it's plastic and can be washed out easily:

I dragged some colors through each square to give it some dimension:

and again, much cheaper than this one:

And lampshades covered with M-C gift wrap or wallpaper can also switch up a lamp shade:

These are Ikea salad servers….

….a few checks brightened these to match my M-C bowl:

Natural wooden colored salt and peppers were given an update with a little black, white and gold paint:

White wooden candlesticks were also spiffed up with a few tan and gold checks:

Silver plated teapots can also be updated with a few flowers and checks...

…as well as old silver butter dishes…

…or silver platters:

It's quite easy to get an updated look without spending top dollar - just use your imagination!!

And remember, if you are not creative, you can always contact me to update something for you!

Most of these items have been sold and I will be off to the MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale this weekend with my earnings to pick up a few things on my wish list!

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  1. You're so clever! What a good job you did with all of these--I like to think of them as Pandora checks!

  2. Love the idea to add the paper to the drink cup and lamp shade. I can do that! I'll leave the painting to you though, talented lady. Love these updated looks. '-)

  3. I went to an auction on Saturday in Old Forge and thought of bidding on the silver tray so you could add your Pandora checks...the tray went for two bucks. Patti, you have brought many items back to life, and I enjoy seeing how your creative mind works.

  4. Adore it all but love the mug idea!


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Thanks for stopping by!