Wednesday, September 3, 2014

B&W Checks…a few knock-offs….

Aren't these just beautiful?

They cost $210.00

So, when I saw these at the thrift shop, I had to spend the $.99 and paint them.

A pretty close imitation:

(cost = $1.00)

 A loyal reader, Vicki from Kentucky sent me a wooden pepper mill and asked me to "check it up", so I primed it….

…and used this as my inspiration...


…and here is my interpretation:

It will coordinate well with her other checks!

She also sent me this cute car and asked for some checks….

and while I had the paint out, I decided to keep it up with these candlesticks...

…and here is the finished pair:

So, that's how I spent the last 2 days!!

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  1. A-ma-zing! Yours look better than the $210 ones!


  2. I love yours - they look so much better than the expensive ones. You go girl.......

  3. are so talented, Patti!

  4. Like others said - I like yours better Very nice work !!
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. You are gifted and a natural! They are awesome!

  6. Patti, you have the magic touch. Ha! I found my stash of things I had intended to send you last year. Can I still send you some things to paint for me? Love the S&P pieces. I need to find a good buy on a set of those and have you paint me a pair.

  7. Oh wow - these all look great, Patti! You are the check Queen! : ) I saw these on Pinterest and knew they were you before I even looked at the source.

  8. Love the checked car, your customer must be a very nice person! I know she loves your work. Vicki in Louisville KY.


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Thanks for stopping by!