Saturday, February 2, 2013

Black and White - and answers to your questions

I have had quite a few emails lately asking why I paint checks on everything, how I sell my items, and where do I buy my here are some answers:

I have found that if I add checks to anything I am painting, it SELLS very quickly!

Black and white is quite popular in this area. and I have been fortunate to be able to find some great little pieces of furniture at thrift stores, flea markets and even at the weekly auction.

I have a large mailing list of prior customers and I send out photos of finished projects a few times a month.  I also sell on Craigs List.

Cherry Kay from Entertaining Women saw a checked tea pot on my blog and ordered about 9 or 10 for Christmas presents.  She did 2 posts showcasing these and I have had a few more orders from woman who saw them on her blog!

These water pitchers are also good sellers, but hard to find:

And to answer the final question: Do I have checks everywhere in my home?  No, not everywhere, but you will find touches of tan, black and white in almost every room.  I have a collection of MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check and my kitchen counter has checked pieces on it, but I don't have it EVERYWHERE!  The sharp contrast of B&W really catches my eye, even in clothing.  I will confess that I also have a lot of black and white clothing!

So hopefully your questions have been answered.

I am off to paint another table - yes, in checks!

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  1. Patti you do wonderful work painting your checks.

  2. Patti, those of us who love and so appreciate black and white checks are thrilled you like to continue to paint them. '-)
    You know I'm a fan!!!!!!

  3. Patti, you are someone that has been blessed with the talent of painting black and white checks. You make a lot of people happy with your art.

  4. You do it so well, too, Patti! I have always loved black and white checks {and harlequin patterns}. I popped over and saw Cherry's beautifully laid table with the teapots set up for her guests. I can't believe I never thought to ask you to make something like she did. I'll have to send you an email this week and see if I can order something done by you.

  5. Great post Patti about painting your finds in checks. It's very popular.
    The teapots are fun. Fantastic job on the mirror Debbie bought. You paint furniture and kitchenware and I paint blogs.

  6. What a talent you possess, Patti! I love Debbie's mirror that you did. I'm crazy about the teapots, too!

  7. Patti, I'm fascinated with your painted pieces! I, too, live in black and white- I just gravitate to those "non-colors." You liked a mirror on my post that I bought at furniture market last spring. It's a piece in the Uttermost line- it's a leaner mirror, but can still hang it. I love that it looks,like a window. :-) Sue


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Thanks for stopping by!