Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I've been busy....

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I have been busy lately!

I made my first "chalkboard" out of an old silver tray, and I added a creamer to hold the chalk:

 I painted an old silver sugar bowl and created a little floral arrangement in it...

...and a creamer, too:

I bought a plant stand at the local auction and painted it in a whimsical style:

I started decorating and I have my Swarovski Snowflake tree on the mantle
  (and yes, that is SNOW in the background!)....

...with a lot of silver trees and candle lights!

I have a few more projects to wrap up and a little more decorating to do and then the entertaining can begin!


  1. Patti, you have been busy. I still haven't gotten my candlesticks off to you. I'm terrible about getting things in the mail. LOL

    Love your new additions. I hope to get started on decorating this weekend...........Sarah

  2. Hi Patti,
    I love it all but that little plant stand paint treatment is adorable.


  3. Wow, you really have been busy! Love the chalkboard tray!



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Thanks for stopping by!