Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Mackenzie-Childs Knockoff Beverage Dispenser

I am in love with this beverage dispenser.
Yes, in love!
I would probably hug and caress it if I owned it.
The price tag is $495.00
(insert sad, poor face here)

SO, I did what I do best.
I created a knockoff:

I bought an inexpensive beverage dispenser at the CTS for $10.00 and painted checks on the lid.

It certainly can't be compared to the $495.00 original, but it will coordinate with my Courtly Checked pieces for the holidays.

I needed to raise the jar so that I could fit a glass under the spout, so I pulled out my small compote:

The jar fits on top perfectly:

Oh, and this is how I convince my husband that I just saved $485.

Now I just have to fill it with some wine punch!
(insert happy face here)

Have you been drooling over the newest catalog?

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  1. Lovely! You are soooo talented!!!

  2. What a great job you did. You always do such a terrific job on re-creating MC. I love her beautiful items, but way out of my price range.

  3. I agree, you are very talented, Patti! The drink container came out looking great.

  4. Patti- You are amazing. I LOVE all your take offs on MC's products. Just look at all that money you saved. $485 as best I can figure!;>) xoDiana

  5. You've done it again! Another fantastic knockoff! It will look very pretty with a red wine punch for the holidays.

  6. Good for you! Enjoy your wine punch and toast yourself for another project well done!


  7. ummm...this is just gorgeous. I am going to get a drink dispenser and have Mr. Sweet paint my lid...thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  8. I didn't realize you had a did I miss that? Wonderful....I'll be checking it regularly...!

  9. You just keep knocking these beautiful pieces out! This is going to be very festive filled with wine punch. Great job!

  10. Wow you came up with a wonderful alternative! I admire their products but their prices can cause you to take a deep breath! I've been trying not to look at their Christmas goodies- that's my week spot!

  11. Yes! I have been drooling over the catalog, but the prices seem to be getting higher and higher! I love your improvised beverage server, it looks great!!


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