Sunday, November 9, 2014

Holiday Open Houses in Baldwinsville, NY

Baldwinsville has some cute gift shops and Sunday some of them held the first of their holiday open houses "Ring in the Holidays".

We began at Stacey Kate, where 2 elves greeted us at the entryway… 

...a cute little boutique with artisan clothing...

... lotions and soaps, jewelry and a colorful and tasty buffet of treats.  The owner served us cosmos in martini glasses as we entered!

Our next stop was at Two Twisted Sisters...

a cute co-op of shops and a wonderful little cafe that serves a variety of paninis .

The shop is decorated in black and white checks and diamonds, with green and purple accents...

The flower cart on the front porch was decked in greenery, presents and ornaments:

…and a wooden checked tree donned a wreath
  (can you see the harlequin painted driveway?  Do you think my husband would let me do that??):

Inside the shop was a sparkling display of jewelry, accessories and ornaments...

…and another buffet of treats and sangria!

Over 5 years ago I had my daughter's baby shower here.  I love the decor, chandeliers covered with branches, greenery and ribbons, windows dressed in artificial fruits...

…harlequin walls and checked table cloths...

…unique chandeliers with vintage silver dangling...

…and during the holidays, lots of color and charm:

The shops upstairs sell home decor, jewelry, gifts and clothing.  This mannequin was decked in greens and angel wings...

and this one in an "ornament skirt":

A quick walk over the Seneca River brought us to Savvy Chick where Santa greeted us outside.  This is a co-op of shops selling lovely gifts, furniture, food, lotions, and baked goods.  They were offering eggnog with a choice of homemade vanilla, meatballs and spiced desserts.  We sampled the eggnog with Butterscotch vanilla - mmm-good!  The meatballs had bourbon vanilla in them - So tasty!

Next door was Beyond the Attic Door, a second hand shop with an assortment of clothing jewelry and home goods.  They had a lovely display of milk glass, jadeite and glassware.  We were served hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps, topped with whipped cream and chocolates!

It was a fun day to gallivant around town.  I was able to pick up a few Christmas gifts, and some 
Honey Bourbon Vanilla to add to my banana bread!

This is always a fun way to kick off the holiday season and shop "local"!

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  1. MY KIND OF SHOPPING!!! Wow, Patti! What a great outing! I would have LOVED to have been along for that shopping trip! I love to visit shops when they're all decked out for the holidays. There's just something extra special about it....kind of like when we do up our homes. It's hard to resist buying lots of goodies when they have it all lush and glimmering! I'm sure it was hard to resist that delicious spread they had at some of the shops, too!!!!

  2. What a fun day you had! I try to shop local whenever I can.

  3. It sounds like a fun day, Patti! Bonus that you got a couple of gifts, too!


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Thanks for stopping by!