Thursday, November 14, 2013

Almost finished with Christmas orders!!

This was one of my favorite makeovers this month:

This was my inspiration, a $575 table top sleigh from MacKenzie-Childs.  They are similar in shape and size!

It was originally an wooden sleigh with holly painted on the side and brass runners, so I painted it all white, added my favorite checks, and lined the inside with gift wrap paper:

Hopefully these are the last 2 skates I will paint for this season:

Now, I am looking forward to decorating my home for the holidays!

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  1. I love that sleigh! Yowza on the MC price tag.


  2. I've enjoyed following along with your projects! Time to start enjoying the holiday season.

  3. I love your checked projects - they are amazing. I have a sleigh and I am going to attempt to try and paint checks.
    Have a wonderful weekend - love your posts.

  4. Cute idea! I saw the sleigh on their web page. Guess I need to look at sleighs that might be paintable. '-)

  5. Gorgeous! You make the most creative things.
    The pattern is perfect for the holidays!

  6. Love how the sleigh turned out, Patti! I'm guessing ice skates are not your favorite thing to paint. : ) I have a pair here to embellish. I'm not going to paint them, just clean them up and add some things to them.

  7. Oh my Patti,
    Those checks are just darling on the sleigh and the skates! Finding ice skates is a rarity around here, but I sure hope I run across some. You are a real inspiration and I'm pinning your sleigh and your skates!

  8. OOO, I am sooo in love with all you do.
    Tell me how to go about ordering something from you.


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Thanks for stopping by!