Friday, February 15, 2013

Using my mother's china....

A few weeks ago, Cherry Kay from Entertaining Women posed the question: What can we do to make the "good stuff" suitable for use any time of the day?  This got me thinking about my mother's china.  This is Fukigama china, in a wheat pattern, that my father brought her back from Japan during the Korean War:

I decided to take the challenge and try to make it suitable for an every day dinner. I stacked the soup bowl on top of the dinner plate, and those on top of a gold charger.   I stacked the luncheon dish with a 222 Fifth Bella Vista dish for a bread plate:

I also used the same side dish for salt and pepper cellars:

This sweet little spoon was recently purchased in a local antique shop.  I love the heart shape on the handle:

I also chose to use my mother's depression wine glasses, placed on leaf coasters and the centerpiece was an PB artificial plant in a hand painted M-C Parchment-style check:

Because I was serving a garden salad, I used bowls matching the smaller dishes, stacked on op of the china bowls (which would later hold a beef stew).

The  Waverly napkins were purchased after Christmas at the Christmas Tree Shop for $.25ea and I rolled them into a Pottery Barn napkin ring:

My favorite thing about this china is that it is very plain and simple.

The matching soup toureen will hold the stew for the two of us:

At each place setting I placed a small tea light for a little romance.  These were purchased from the MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale, part of their compliment line.  Have you seen their new Aurora Enamelware?  A few pieces are already on my wish list.  They can also be used with this china, for a more "every day" feeling.

I think I have met the challenge of using my china in a more relaxed and comfortable way:

Something I should probably do more often!

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  1. Good Evening Patti, Your mother's china is so beautiful. I had a full Noritaki Dinner/tea set which only came out of the cupboard on special occasions. I decided when my daughter married to give the set to her to use as I knew that she loved it, and would use it everyday. She has been married for 10 years now and do you know there has only been the odd piece broken. When I visit, it is lovely to see the china being used, rather than being tucked away.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Best Wishes

  2. Oh my gosh! My dad brought home similar china from Japan while he was stationed there just after WWII. And my mom has those same green wine glasses!

  3. Patti, it makes a beautiful table. I like the mix of dishes. What a special set to have. I would use it frequently.
    Enjoy your weekend.........Sarah

  4. Such a pretty table. How wonderful that you have the china your dad brought your mother from Japan. You have mixed it beautifully with other pieces. I love the depression glass stemware. laurie

  5. Hi lovely lady.
    Your mother was a lucky lady your dad did this for her, I love the way you put this Tablescape together with your Gorgeous China. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape, hoping you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  6. My mother used to have a wheat pattern china, but I think she must have given it to Goodwill at some point. She did not believe in "holding onto" things. Guess that is why I am a hoarder - oops, make that "a collector" - lol!! Love what you did with your table - the mix of pieces is wonderful!

  7. Patti, isn't it special to use your Mom's pretty china? It is a nice, plain design that can compliment so many different pieces. I do LOVE what you've chosen to go with it. I have my Mom's china, too. The bad part is that I'm afraid to put it in the dishwasher!!

  8. Oh- What beautiful dishes, Patti. For some reason I backlinked to you this morning. I thought I had been following you long before this. Anyway, you are on my sidebar now and I will be hanging around! xo Diana

  9. I also have my mother's china and for some time it stayed in the cabinet, but I have decided that all things are meant to be used. You've done it right by making that decision and cleverly combining pieces to make it all work.

  10. Oh yea, I'm so glad that your mom's precious wheat pattern is boldly stepping forward. Isn't amazing how the dear old pieces work so beautifully with the young whippersnappers that we bring home from here and there. You've reminded me of a set of my grandmama's 'Occupied Japan' china that I've been neglecting. I think that it's going to make an appearance before long, too. Thanks for the mention and for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  11. How special to have your Mother's china. It is shared with love and I know you truly treasure it.

  12. Oh Patti, I think you did too. You met and rose above. What pretty china you get to cherish. I love the pieces. They look so good with the newer pieces! xo marlis

  13. So pretty. Love mixing it all up.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. I am happy that you are enjoying your mother's beautiful china...I don't save any of mine for "best"...that day may never come.

  15. You sure did, Patti! I am very impressed and your table is very pretty....Christine

  16. Patti, my dad was also in Japan during the Korean War. I wish he had thought to bring back some china! I always love to see tables featuring china and silver passed down to another generation. When I set a table with my grandmother's wedding china, I feel a close connection to her and wonder if one day my granddaughter or great-granddaughter will enjoy using it, too.

  17. Those depression glasses are the best I have seen anywhere. This is a lovely post.

  18. You did an excellent job on the challenge! Your Mom's china is so pretty. There so much you can do with it because of the simplicity of it.

  19. Patti,
    Such an elegant, yet casual feel to this tablescape, dear one!!!
    I adore your Mother's China and the blending of the printed china compliments it so very well! The checked napkin beneath your centerpiece is stunning!!! Exquisite stemware!
    Thank you for sharing your harmonious mixture with us!!!
    P.S. Visiting from Susan's!!!

  20. Your table is really pretty. It's a nice mix using your Mom's china with the patterned salad plate. Love the little leaves under the depression glasses. Very pretty.


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