Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few quick ways to wrap food for gift giving...

There are lots of ways to reuse containers for wrapping Christmas presents.
One of my favorite ways is to spray paint a large can:
Drill holes on each side to thread ribbon or cording through:
Paint a cute snowman or santa, or you can even buy a pre-painted one at the craft store, and glue it on the front:
I tied a ribbon through the holes and knotted it on the inside:
Here it is, all ready to be filled with some home made Christmas cookies:
Here is a smaller can, wrapped with scrapbook paper and a ribbon tied around the top:
This one is a "Pringles" can covered with scrapbook paper with a floral pick tied onto it with ribbon:
The ideas are endless for reusing cans!

Sharing these ideas with Met Monday


  1. Great ideas! I really love the Pringles can -- that is just lovely!

  2. Your friends and neighbors are lucky!! Not only are they getting wonderful treats from you but in the cute containers too! I need to step it up with my neighbors!!

  3. Amazing idea! It looks so cute! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. Great ideas! You gave me a great idea! Do you think a person could cut out a window on a pringles can so you could see what was in there? Hmmm.....what could you use to cover the window......let me think.....cut a ziploc bag apart and tape it to the inside? What do you think??? Your snowman can is waaaayy stinkin' cute!

  5. Eco-friendly and adorable. I like these a lot!


  6. oh Patti! What great ideas...I always give cookies away and don't like to constantly buy plates to put them on...I love this idea! And, seeing your snowman...he is amazing. Did you see my post about me freaking out over paintinga face on my reindeer? Too're amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! :)


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