Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A few days on Cape Cod...

One of my best friends lives on Cape Cod and it is one of my favorite places to visit. This is the view from "my bedroom" in her home:
and this is the "happy hour" view:
We had lunch in Harwich overlooking the harbor:
The weather was perfect for walking the beach in Falmouth:
Ate lunch overlooking Martha's Vineyard:
But this was the highlight of the weekend:
Sunday Brunch on the train:
It was like a trip to the past - traveling from Hyannis to the Cape Cod Canal - while dining on great food and drinking Bloody Marys...
You could see the ocean in the distance:
And the cranberry bogs were ready for harvest:
The Canal was glistening in the warm sun:
More flooded cranberry bogs:

And finally, some foliage, which hasn't peaked there yet!
Looking forward to returning in the spring!


  1. The cranberry bogs are amazing! I'm a big fan of Cape Cod, and we found the best beach on Martha's Vineyard that we can't wait to get back to. I bet you can't wait until Spring!

  2. How fun Patti!
    Never done the train...I must some day!

  3. Patti, Cape Cod is a delightful destination. I love to visit! Thanks for sharing the photos. ~ sarah

  4. Such a fun trip! The views from the train are gorgeous! As a kid growing up in NJ, I went on many class trips to the Pine Barrens to see the cranberry bogs. Thanks for the memories!


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Thanks for stopping by!