Monday, August 9, 2010

1000 Islands (part 2)

The Thousand Islands in Northern NY were formed by glaciers however the folklore is that Canada and US argued over who would own a huge piece of land between the 2 countries. As the story goes, the Gods put the land in a big bag, broke it into 1000 pieces and threw it into the St Lawrence River.

This is one cottage that has always intrigued me because there's NOWHERE to go!! The back center of the house has a door, and if you were to exit through the door, you would land in the river!
On Friday we took the tour of Millionaire's Row. The homes are lovely, US to the left and Canada to the right. The 1000 Island Bridge connects both countries:
An island must have a tree to be considered an "island". This island, "Tom Thumb", is one of the smallest islands in the Seaway:
This Canadian home was for sale:
This island on the left is in Canada and the one to the right is in US. Both are owned by the same person. The bridge is considered the smallest international bridge in the world!!
After the tour we ate in Alexandria Bay at Rileys - great food!
...and of course, a visit to the Thousand Island Winery (and we brought some home!)
The day ended with a double rainbow:


  1. Hi Patti,

    I like the idea of jumping out your back door into the water!

    Thanks for visiting my site!

  2. Looks like too much fun!!!

    I bought a pineapple and am going to do a post about the pineapple vinegar I mentioned to you last week. I hope to have it up for Foodie Friday this week!

    bee blessed


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