Saturday, December 5, 2009

My trees...

I have trees in all of the rooms in my home. I have the traditional "family" tree in the great room, which has a wonderful assortment of ornaments, each with its own "story to tell"
This is a frosted fruit topiary:
And this is the "sport" tree - with the Syracuse Orangemen and Yankees well represented:
This gold grapevine wreath sits on the mantle:
This tree is by the front door...nothing special but it is in a pot I love painted by Angie Strauss from Niagara on the Lake
This is the kitchen tree...with a birdhouse and lots of apples:
The Swarovski crystal snowflake tree is also on the mantle:
The tree in the guest room that my mother made in the 60's:
This tree is on the dining room table:
This is the dining room gold, white, glass and crystals:
A friend's mother has a "Christmas Tree" closet. She rolls her tree in and out each holiday season. It takes so much time and energy to decorate them each year that I am trying to figure out how I can create a "tree closet". Wouldn't that be just grand?


  1. That would be grand...a tree closet. I used to have a tree in every room also! Your trees are just lovely.

  2. Patti,
    Lovin all your Mom made that same tree in the 60's too...I'm not sure were it is. Your tree in the dining room looks a lot like mine in my dining room. I'm soooo happy to see that you put up lots o trees too...working on mine...hope to be finish soon.


  3. How the hell long does it take you to "undecorate" after the holidays :)

  4. Okay...I'll live through you and your wonderful trees this year, Patti. Our tree will probably not go up as we won't be home over the holidays. I've decorated though!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  5. You have really outdone yourself in the tree department. They are all so different and unique. I'm a lazy tree decorator. We have a large storage area in the basement so the tree stays put together with the lights on it all year long. Come December it gets carried upstairs, plugged in, ornaments put on it and project completed!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Love the header picture with Santa Baby!!!
    Love your header picture with Santa Baby!!!!

  6. I can see them all now. How pretty that is. It must just shimmer in candlelight.
    I gave an in-home computer lesson to a woman who showed me around her large house and she has an entire bedroom just for her Christmas stuff, fully decorated tree included.
    I would have to kick my youngest son out to get a room for that. No, no, I couldn't do that. Maybe.

  7. Every year I say the same thing: I want Xmas trees in every room in the house and every year I always fall short. =( I love all of your's! I'm hoping by next year, I'll be able to do it too (read: when my two year old stops touching everything!). I think it's so pretty to have a tree in every room!

  8. I love all your trees! So much fun!


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Thanks for stopping by!