Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday in New York City

I spent Saturday shopping in Manhattan. The day began with lunch at The Little Owl on Bedford St in West Village:
I dined on a Sunflower Salad and Spiced Fries. The salad had bibb lettuce, sprouts, sunflower seeds, beets and parmesan cheese and was so delicious.

And I have found the BEST fries on the planet! Until yesterday I thought the best fries were from Bleu Restaurant in Mashpee Commons on Cape Cod (Pommes Chips with Parmesan Cheese and Red Onions), but now I know better. The spiced fries were so crisp - and they stayed crisp - a beautiful golden color and were just spicy enough for my taste. It is worth going there just to order the fries!
And do you recognize the building?
The apartment building from Friends! I imagine if the show was real life, The Little Owl would have been Central Perk
West Village has some charming brownstones:
and some not so charming:
And in the middle of this HUGE city is the most beautiful park in the world:
I strolled through Central Park and people were walking, biking, picnicing, jogging, and playing frisbee. The sun was shining and happiness was in the air! People were taking horse and carriage rides:
And it is so unbelievably pretty everwhere you look:
Tomorrow I will post about my shopping experience on Canal St!

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