Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby shower 2

I found the cutest little place today. Olive's Eatery is in Baldwinsville, NY and I am contemplating having the baby shower here. Not only is the menu fabulous, but the rest of the house has the most unique little gift shops, selling jewelry, clothing and home decor. Each room in the little house has a different consigner and the decor is so unique and dramatic. "Black and white" always catches my eye and I am so happy that I came upon it. This would be an exciting place to entertain 40 or so woman ...they can eat, shop and "oooh and aaah" over baby gifts - all at once! Now off to make some decisions - panninis? salads? fruity ice teas?

And NO I did not win the lottery yesterday , so SHUT UP lady will have to buy her own tickets to the concert!

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